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Welcome to Junior Chamber International Malaysia!

Thank you so much for giving me your mandate to serve as your 2014 National President. It is truly a great privilege and honor and my heart is completely filled with incredible gratitude for your kind support.

I do receive a lot of advice and feedback on what problems you face and the difficulties that our whole organization in Malaysia is going through. We face issues in recruitment, retention, financial, training, branding, communication and many more.

From all those voices, I also hear good things about why all of us are still continuing our efforts in JCI.  A member thanking you for teaching them something new, an incredible sense of achievement with your members after completing a project, your own realization that you have become a better person, the fabulous fun and true friendship you enjoy.

We also know, this country needs more Active Citizens and for every responsible Active Citizen we have, means greater and better sustainable growth, better living conditions, a compassionate society and every citizen finding purpose and success in their lives.

Members, I see you continue to put in you effort in JCI because you know the potential of JCI far outweighs its problems, you strive to find ways to make JCI the best place to develop young people into dynamic, influential Active Citizens.

And so, I now ask for your complete trust, belief and effort to align with the JCI Malaysia Plan of Action of 3S : System, Support and Spirit ---Systems to put our affairs in order, Support for you to implement those Systems and Spirit to commit to this plan.  As one member put it this way : “We’ve got to stop complaining and start working, stop talking and start sweating. To become a great organization, we will need the effort and commitment of every JCI member in Malaysia.”

Point 1 : For every System plan that the national organization rolls out, we call for your commitment to implement it, use it and feedback to us on its viability.

Point 2 : For every National event or convention that is organized, we ask for your active involvement and participation.

Point 3 : For every member that you recruit, to instill in them the JCI Spirit and values from our creed and  build a culture of excellence in every project that you organize.

In closing, let me say this. We of the National Board will do our best to support you. Nevertheless, while we can spend until we empty our bank accounts and we may summon all the wonders of systems and management, we can only succeed if we tap our greatest resources – JCI members and JCI spirit. For the sake of this nation’s young people, it is time we join hands and commit ourselves. Working together with our common faith, we can only succeed.


Yours in JCI,

Andy Ting King Dieng
2014 National President
JCI Malaysia











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We are a membership-based nonprofit organization of young people ages 18 to 40 in more than 100 countries around the world. Each JCI Member shares the belief that in order to create lasting positive change, we must improve ourselves and the world around us. We seek targeted solutions to the unique problems in our communities to build a better world, creating global impact.


With over 5,000 Local Organizations in more than 100 National Organizations, JCI forms a vibrant global community of nearly 200,000 active citizens. All members belong to a JCI Local Organization where they focus on finding solutions to improve their local community. Local Organizations are affiliated to National Organizations. This structure forms a global grassroots movement, empowering members to run international projects, exchange ideas and work together to develop new ways to create positive change in their communities.


As global citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities, as well as shared goals. Through active citizenship, we enact our sense of social responsibility to work towards these goals and benefit communities worldwide. JCI members embrace new ideas, collaboration and diversity. JCI members have the courage to address the great challenges of our time. JCI members have the
vision and initiative to transform their lives and the world.


JCI Members seek ways to live out our slogan, Be Better. We think critically about society’s challenges and act on behalf of our communities to be part of the solution. We seek better solutions to build better communities, improving ourselves and creating a better future.